Cloud Computing refers to the environment which can be used to run a website, web applications, gaming servers. Cloud computing is growing trend as it delivers software and hardware services through internet and here data and services are located in massive data base centers and can be all over accessed through any devices which are connected to the internet. These services are flexible, efficient, and cost-effective for increasing business requirements. e-Suvidha offers you with rich and realistic applications providing Software as a Service as well as hosted and managed alternatives to on premise deployment.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:
Cloud Computing enables the staff to access the files and data whenever they need though they are working remotely or outside office.
Hardware and software installation not required.
Scalability Through on demand resources
Easier combination of applications and services accelerates your time to market and revenue.
Cloud computing Supports for deep customizations.
It is very flexible and easy to work up and running than past computing methods.
Types of Cloud Computing :
Cloud Computing is growing in popularity and it has together a wide range of technologies which provides scalable and virtualized IT services and applications over the internet. There are 3 types of cloud computing:

Software -as- a- service (Saas)
Infrastructure -as- a -service (IaaS)
Platform -as -a -service (PaaS)
e-Suvidha aims to help its customers to recognize the cloud computing service alternatives that meet their requirements. We also help them in porting from the existing set us to other Cloud Model. Through Cloud Computing users can access to wide-ranging of applications without insTolling or downloading. e-Suvidha provides you Cloud Computing services which help reduce the input cost which enable users and business to scalable and tailored made services.