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Flex Applications

Flex is a highly effective application development framework for creating cross platform rich Internet application (RIS) based on Adobe Flash platform. It enables the development of significant and entertaining mobile, web, and PC programs that can reach virtually anyone on any platform. Through Flex, SWF files are created, which are made by flash Player and these applications can run on web Browsers via Flash Player. We at e-Suvidha deliver you with customized services and unique solutions for Flex Development Services which help you to capture profits in the business. Hire our Dedicated Flex Developer to create or customize professional application for you at cost-effective manner with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Our Flex Development Expertise can be found in creating highly user-friendly, entertaining and significant mobile, web and PC applications based on the Flex framework.

Our Offerings on Flex:

  1. Flex Custom Application Development
  2. Flex integration with MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PHP, JAVA, ASP .NET, XML
  3. Skinning of Flex components
  4. Dynamic shopping carts and e-commerce
  5. Flex based Video Player
  6. Flex based Image Gallery
  7. Rich Internet Application with Flex and Flash
  8. Flex based Music Player
  9. Map Application Integration
  10. Flex Component Development
  11. Flex Widgets
  12. Flex Game Development
  13. Database Driven Flex Applications

If you are looking for quality development at an affordable price then e-Suvidha is the best platform. Contact us to know more about our Flex Development Services.