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Health Care Solutions

Today, the healthcare industry in India is growing with various private sector and public sector participating and investing on a large scale. To increase the overall performance and better medical services to patients, nursing homes are taking help of its revolutions with centralizing their processes with the hospital management system.

We deliver

  1. Patient and Ward Management
  2. OPD and IPD Management
  3. Pharmacy Management, Radiology Management
  4. Store Management
  5. Laboratory Management
  6. Reception Management
  7. Payroll & HRD Management
  8. Accounts Management
  9. OT Management and OT consumables
  10. Blood Bank Management
  11. Outpatient and Inpatient Management
  12. Medical stock and supply chain Management

This will suit the needs of

  1. Hospitals & Physicians
  2. Nursing homes & Diagnostics laboratories
  3. Health insurance services
  4. Pharmacies & Medicine manufacturers
  5. Health-based Non-governmental & Governmental organizations